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Add-ins for Clarity PPM

Our add-ins enable you to extend the features as well as the use of Clarity PPM in your company, while also increasing the satisfaction of your employees.

The “HyPE4PM” and “MyBoard” software add-ins facilitate agile and collaborative project management. The PPM+ add-in includes preconfigured customizable components, process templates, best practices, document templates, and useful tools.

This reduces and accelerates the design and configuration effort when building your solution. Benefit from our know-how and implement a tailor-made solution.

Immediately ready for use and absolutely indispensable!

HyPE4PM – The Perfect Addition.

HyPE4PM is the ideal complement to Clarity PPM when it comes to agile and collaborative project management. Areas of use include product and software development with features, user stories, backlog management, and Kanban-style sprint planning. The add-in also supports collaborative project management in a team by providing to-dos, chat, tagging, and watch functions.

And best of all, it fully integrates with the Clarity PPM user interface and the Clarity PPM data model.

HyPE4PM – The Perfect Addition.

MyBoard – Your Key Data at a Glance.

Mour weekly plan, my projects, my tasks, my to-do lists, my documents, my time management...All of these are included in MyBoard.

Every employee can quickly and easily access all the necessary information – with just a few mouse clicks.

Simply drag and drop tasks to organize or complete them during processing. Status notifications are visible to the entire project team, providing for a transparent working environment.

For project <br>team members

For project
team members
  • View all assigned tasks at a glance.
  • Work across projects or in a specific project with just one board.
  • View all project-specific documents and even change them.
  • Create to-do’s and edit them yourself.
  • Change the status of tasks via drag and drop.
  • Directly and reliably capture your working times.
For project <br>managers

For project
  • Coordinate tasks faster and more effectively with the project team.
  • Work with standardized columns on the user-friendly Kanban boards.
  • The degree of completion of individual tasks is automatically calculated and displayed for you.
  • Conduct status meetings more efficiently.
  • Know at a glance who is working on any given task.
For your <br>company

For your
  • Reduced training effort for new users
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • No usage fees (for our support customers)

The most popular PPM+ extensions

SAP Interfaces

Our SAP interfaces enable the connection of the FI, CO, HR, PS and other modules. They are widely used, tried-and-tested, and can be quickly adapted to your individual SAP system.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

SSO for access to Clarity PPM without new user authentication – a must in every company.


A large collection of tried-and-tested reports that can be quickly adapted to your company reporting system.

Dynamic Rights

Brings time-related and organizational flexibility to access rights management in Clarity PPM. Dynamic Rights allows you to assign access rights on a rule-based or time-controlled basis. Examples include holiday substitution, approval models, temporary transfers, etc.

Risk Heat Map

There are risks associated with any project. The important thing is to identify these risks and monitor them. A graphical representation is better suited to obtaining a clear overview of the risks and their development than a report.

Smart Help

Provide colleagues and employees who don’t use Clarity PPM every day with valuable assistance in populating fields with the right content.

Idea Canvas

The “idea canvas” helps you and your employees develop and present ideas. All important aspects of the idea are minutely captured using eleven elements. In addition, stored workflows ensure standardized processing.

Graphic Stage/Gate Models

Our component for the graphical and dynamic representation of the stage/gate model that captures all deliverables. View the project status at a glance and identify any missing deliverables. An essential tool for efficient work.

PPM+ is so much more

PPM+ also includes many other components, codes, templates, reports, and best practices to make your daily work easier.