Clarity PPM is an extensive project and portfolio management system that provides all the features required for project-oriented processes in business. Possible fields of application are in IT, product development, task and service management, organisation and infrastructure projects or in corporate measure planning. Clarity PPM is based on a modular design allowing all functions to be optimally used.

Clarity PPM is intuitive! The new user interface has been intelligently designed and can be individually customised.

Single and multiproject management with Clarity PPM

Clarity PPM provides you with all the features required for normal project work, with phases, tasks, milestones, roles and dependencies to guarantee that companies’ best-practice procedures and methods are upheld, optimal plans are created, communication barriers are broken down and projects are executed in a precise manner. Risk assessment, change management and collaboration are the final building blocks in operative single and multiproject management.

Portfolio management with Clarity PPM

Portfolio management in Clarity PPM enables you to prioritise all projects and proposals as well as align them with the strategic company goals so that you can utilise your budget and resources as effectively as possible. This is how you can ensure a systematic and structured approach when deciding which projects, programmes and initiatives should be financed, postponed or discontinued. The scenario feature lets you analyse and compare different portfolio variations.

Resource management with Clarity PPM

Resource and capacity planning – finding the right balance between resource capacities and project requirements – poses a significant challenge to attaining the best possible results. Resource management in Clarity PPM supports you in planning and allocating employees within current and planned projects – with the added option of scenario technology. It is possible to generate both person-oriented and role-oriented plans.

Demand management with Clarity PPM

Demand management allows you to systematically capture and evaluate ideas, requests or project proposals. The demand manager gives you a comprehensive overview of current and future requirements and ideas. These requirements and ideas can be transferred to Clarity PPM at the touch of a button.

Project cost planning and project controlling in Clarity PPM

You can capture and plan project costs and budgets for projects within Clarity PPM in a systematic and structured manner. Freely selectable categories let you differentiate between the types of costs and compare with the actual costs resulting in precise project controlling. Planned and actual costs can be grouped using programmes or portfolios.

Process manager and workflows in Clarity PPM

Clarity PPM lets you map project and business processes with workflows and in so doing simplifies the optimisation and standardisation of these processes within the company. Collaboration within the company is simplified and streamlined. Clarity PPM is therefore able to document important steps in business processes making them easy to understand.

Collaboration in Clarity PPM

In Clarity PPM, collaboration includes document management, notifications, to-do lists, discussions forums and workflows. These features make collaborative work easier, faster and more efficient, ultimately increasing your employee satisfaction.

Reports/reporting/KPIs in Clarity PPM

Clarity PPM contains a mature reporting system with interactive portlets, reports in the traditional sense as well as dashboards for every role with associated KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Gain long-awaited transparency with Clarity PPM!

PPM Connect in Clarity PPM There are bidirectional interfaces for Microsoft® Project and Open Workbench available in Clarity PPM to facilitate the seamless exchange of information with external partners or the offline processing of project plans.

Furthermore, we offer standard coupling between Clarity PPM and SAP HR, PS, CO and other third-party systems with our additional modules SAP Connect and PPM Bridge.

You can find more about the Clarity PPM fields of application here.

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Clarity PPM benefits

  1. High software functionality
  2. Flexibility, scalability, configurability (without programming)
  3. Subdivisability (= data subsets) for company divisions
  4. Stage/GateTM certification
  5. Internationally deployable (14+ languages)
  6. State-of-the-art architecture (J2EE, AJAX, Zero-Client)
  7. Open integration using XML Open Gateway
  8. 1 200+ companies worldwide
  9. Large, sound manufacturer (CA Technologies Inc., Part of the Broadcom Group)

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