Transparent and systematic display of all ideas and demands with CA PPM (Clarity)

Do you know the most valuable ideas in your business? Do you know the most important requirements of the product development or IT department?

Demands and ideas are multi-faceted. They range from project and service demands, to function and product demands, right through to the management’s strategic initiatives.

CA PPM (Clarity) lets you capture all ideas and demands in your business and then categorize and evaluate them in a systematic manner. With CA PPM (Clarity), evaluation can be performed by the person who came up with the idea, the end user or by the company in the form of a committee. The evaluation and authorisation process is optimally supported by workflows in CA PPM (Clarity). CA PPM (Clarity) guarantees a rapid throughput while ensuring that the evaluation is understandable and auditable.

A project can be automatically generated from an idea on the basis of freely definable templates in CA PPM (Clarity) once authorisation has been granted. Tasks, milestones, roles, standard risks and suchlike are automatically stored in the process.

Systematic innovation management with CA PPM (Clarity)

An enhancement of the demand management specially designed for IT, R&D and product development can be used in conjunction with the requirements management function to capture the demands of IT services, applications or products in great detail and allocate release plans or product model series.

It is possible to display dependencies between applications or products using hierarchies or parts lists with our PPM+ for CA PPM (Clarity).

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CA PPM (Clarity) benefits

  1. High software functionality
  2. Flexibility, scalability, configurability (without programming)
  3. Subdivisability (= data subsets) for company divisions
  4. Stage/GateTM certification
  5. Internationally deployable (14+ languages)
  6. State-of-the-art architecture (J2EE, AJAX, Zero-Client)
  7. Open integration using XML Open Gateway
  8. 1 000+ companies worldwide
  9. Large, sound manufacturer (CA – Computer Associates)

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