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The CA PPM (Clarity) process manager enables you to display and automate the workflow of all business processes, such as complex project proposal processes or even simple authorisations. This function means that processes in CA PPM (Clarity) can be standardised, run times automated and ultimately streamlined. Workflows are adjustable, expandable and flexible to use.

CA PPM (Clarity) provides continuous improvement thanks to the elimination of bottlenecks and the reduction of cycle times

The graphical workflow status indicators make it possible for project managers to recognise at a glance which stage the project is at and take the necessary steps if a problem arises. In CA PPM (Clarity), the authorisations required (for a project proposal, for example) are automatically assigned to the appropriate employee via a predefined path.

Automatic workflow notifications in CA PPM (Clarity) save your employees from a substantial amount of e-mail communication and unnecessary telephone calls simply to find out who has done what, and what needs to happen next.

Here are some examples of workflow notifications in CA PPM (Clarity):

  • Events such as authorisations and rejections
  • Tasks such as new allocations and actions
  • Notes for explaining next steps
  • Transfer and authorisation of time forms
  • Advice about the latest documents in CA PPM (Clarity)

Powerful workflows for the automation of business processes with CA PPM (Clarity)

Practical example:

Workflows help to ensure that the right project templates are automatically used when creating projects. The process manager selects the right project templates depending on factors such as project category, OBS unit and risk profile.

The CA PPM (Clarity) process manager is simple to use and yet very powerful. It features control flow patterns, which can also handle complex, multifaceted processes. The process engine can also access all fields within CA PPM (Clarity), including all company-specific fields that have been expanded or adjusted.

Practical example:

In our PPM+ add-ons for CA PPM (Clarity), processes are supported for the stage-gate method, phase completions are checked and phase transfers are controlled. The workflow can be configured so that once a phase is completed, the next processes, documents, roles, budgets and forms can automatically be copied to the project from the template. This means that in CA PPM (Clarity), all information required following the completion of the current phase is readily available.

Employing open process standards with the CA PPM (Clarity) process manager

The CA PPM (Clarity) process manager supports the Business Process Management Language (BPML), a standard language for defining processes within business. The process manger has access to an XOG interface (XML Open Gateway) in order to help with the import and export of processes and loading the standard processes or third-party processes.

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CA PPM (Clarity) benefits

  1. High software functionality
  2. Flexibility, scalability, configurability (without programming)
  3. Subdivisability (= data subsets) for company divisions
  4. Stage/GateTM certification
  5. Internationally deployable (14+ languages)
  6. State-of-the-art architecture (J2EE, AJAX, Zero-Client)
  7. Open integration using XML Open Gateway
  8. 1 000+ companies worldwide
  9. Large, sound manufacturer (CA – Computer Associates)

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