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CA PPM (Clarity) provides you with comprehensive control for planning, managing and reporting all costs and revenues.

CA PPM (Clarity) is a complete solution for managing costs and revenues associated with all of your strategic projects. You can report on all internal and external costs. Budgets and cost plans can be stored based on the respective version. It is possible to compare different versions of budgets whenever you want.

You can display multilevel company or project-specific cost categories and cost types for any desired time period (yearly, quarterly, monthly) in CA PPM (Clarity). Direct costs (such as hourly wage rates) are determined using multilevel matrix structures with validity periods. This even makes it possible to implement highly complex or highly individual account structures.

There is also the option of connecting our CA PPM (Clarity) with SAP CO or FI using our SAP Connect PPM+ add-on.

CA PPM (Clarity) lets you perform internal and external calculations for services rendered over specific periods.

Never forget: reporting

CA PPM (Clarity) fulfils all reporting requirements for controlling: interactive customised portlets, traditional reports, Excel export features for further analysis. ROI and NPV calculations are standard.

Use our PPM+ add-ons to modify CA PPM (Clarity) using our modules for milestone trend analysis (MTA), earned value analysis (EVA), earned schedule analysis (ESA) and quality management with FMEA.

“The key goals for the project were a fast, powerful reporting system for supervision purposes, integrating the SAP system for managing financial data and producing a standardised project management environment that fully integrated Microsoft Project.” Constantin Hupka,
Projektmanager im Project Office, Giesecke & Devrient GmbH

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CA PPM (Clarity) benefits

  1. High software functionality
  2. Flexibility, scalability, configurability (without programming)
  3. Subdivisability (= data subsets) for company divisions
  4. Stage/GateTM certification
  5. Internationally deployable (14+ languages)
  6. State-of-the-art architecture (J2EE, AJAX, Zero-Client)
  7. Open integration using XML Open Gateway
  8. 1 000+ companies worldwide
  9. Large, sound manufacturer (CA – Computer Associates)

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