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Execute your projects with control and predictability using CA PPM (Clarity)

One badly executed project can cost a company dearly: expenses in an upward spiral, decreased customer confidence, frustrated employees. CA PPM (Clarity) supports you in both classic, single-project management and complex, multiproject management.

CA PPM (Clarity) gives you access to all of the functions required for detailed programme and project planning. The software provides you with task and milestone planning, estimating, budgeting, resource allocation, collaboration and time management. In short: CA PPM (Clarity) is the perfect tool for flawless project execution.

Further benefits of CA PPM (Clarity)

Better communication with CA PPM (Clarity)
The CA PPM (Clarity) functions for collaboration improve communication within the project team, therefore making your project planning and coordination more effective. Company units or telecommuting employees in separate geographical locations can also communicate and collaborate efficiently thanks to CA PPM (Clarity).

Project templates in CA PPM (Clarity)
CA PPM (Clarity) contains built-in project best practices, templates, master documents and methodologies that expedite your project creation process, increase your success rate and ensure that project management expertise is put into practice.

Workflows in CA PPM (Clarity)
Workflow functions lessen administrative effort by automating routine project management tasks. Project managers are always kept aware of the exact status of individual tasks thanks to the workflow status indicators and project dashboards. This makes it easy to detect and eliminate bottlenecks.

CA PPM (Clarity) scalability
We can manage portfolios of any size thanks to the extraordinary level of scalability within CA PPM (Clarity): from 100 projects to 10,000 and from 50 users to 50,000.


With CA PPM (Clarity), best-practice procedures and methods are upheld, optimal plans are created, communication barriers are broken down and projects are executed in a precise manner.

“We consider CA PPM (Clarity) to be an excellent piece of standard software for us to use as a foundation for project portfolio management and project management. We want to use it to make the planning and execution of both our project portfolio and our individual projects more efficient.” Peter Kanzek, Leiter Projektportfolio-Management, DEVK

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CA PPM (Clarity) benefits

  1. High software functionality
  2. Flexibility, scalability, configurability (without programming)
  3. Subdivisability (= data subsets) for company divisions
  4. Stage/GateTM certification
  5. Internationally deployable (14+ languages)
  6. State-of-the-art architecture (J2EE, AJAX, Zero-Client)
  7. Open integration using XML Open Gateway
  8. 1 000+ companies worldwide
  9. Large, sound manufacturer (CA – Computer Associates)

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