Traditional, agile and hybrid project management with HyPE4PM from Contec-X for CA PPM (Clarity)

Benefit from the best of both worlds. HyPE4PM, a software for CA PPM (Clarity), enables you to combine traditional and agile project management methods. This software solution allows you to mark individual project stages as ‘agile’ and implement them using Kanban boards, sprints, backlogs, chats and to-do lists. The remarkable feature of the solution is that it allows you to switch between agile and traditional methods at any time. As such, you can exploit the benefits of both methods.

The traditional model is pushed to its limits when speed is of the essence

CA PPM (Clarity) users implement the traditional project management method, drawing on the software’s features for project and portfolio management, resource management, strategic planning, demand management and workflows. The CA PPM (Clarity) software supports users by enabling them to precisely organise, plan and manage tasks, milestones and project stages. Users can extensively document and archive project documents, concepts and results and store them in CA PPM (Clarity). However, this proven traditional project management method has its drawbacks: it is too inflexible, cumbersome and slow. More speed is required! Agile project management offers the perfect solution. It is a method that allows project teams to work closely together, self-organise and continuously check interim results together with customers.

More flexibility, greater efficiency and a continuous improvement process

Agile and traditional approaches to project management are by no means polar opposites. There is no need to choose one to the exclusion of the other. In fact, combining traditional and agile methods has proven to be beneficial in practice, particularly when it comes to extensive, large-scale projects that involve many subprojects. Using a hybrid approach, it is possible to select the most appropriate, expedient method depending on the project requirements, be it a traditional method based on plans and processes or an agile one that is more role- and team-oriented. In some cases, agile work methods can also be integrated into individual stages of projects that primarily follow a set plan according to the traditional method. We have developed the HyPE4PM software to provide you with more flexibility and enable you to combine the benefits of both methods when using the CA PPM (Clarity) project management software.

Combining the best of both worlds with HyPE4PM

HyPE4PM from Contec-X is a software solution for agile and hybrid project management based on CA PPM (Clarity). The solution allows you to retain your project plans, baselines and milestones. It offers the following new features to help you benefit from the speed of agile project management:

  • Task boards (Kanban style)
  • To-do lists
  • Sprints
  • Backlog management
  • Burn down charts (Q3/2017)
  • Chat (Q3/2017)
  • Deliverables (Q3/2017)
  • Backlog connection with JIRA

Perfectly integrated into CA PPM (Clarity): Seamless change between Gantt charts and task boards

HyPE4PM is seamlessly integrated into CA PPM (Clarity), using the same underlying data model and offering an interface with the same look and feel. This makes it possible to switch between agile and traditional views at all times, for example. As such, you can create agile task boards based on existing, traditional projects and individual project stages and vice versa – at the press of a button. This seamless switch between the traditional and agile methods is possible because data and actions from the task board are automatically mapped to the traditional Gantt chart. This allows project managers to maintain an overview of the progress made with each project and make reliable prognoses in the way they are used to, while also enabling agile teams to maintain a high degree of autonomy and independently take on work packages from the task boards. Project managers and Scrum masters can use the HyPE4PM software solution to assign teams to the respective projects and sprints. The time spent on projects is recorded using the task board in HyPE4PM. HyPE4PM also enables everyone involved to communicate and exchange information with one another – an essential factor for the success of a project implemented with the agile method. The HyPE4PM user interface features a clear design and can be used intuitively using task symbols. The task boards can be customised using freely selectable colour schemes and project stage models, among other things. They feature the same look and feel as the new user interfaces of CA PPM (Clarity) and are fully integrated into the software. Additional applications or interfaces are not required. HyPE4PM is compatible with CA PPM (Clarity) V 14.3 or higher.

Shorter time to market and more reliable scheduling

HyPE4PM and CA PPM (Clarity) allow you to network agile work teams using traditional project management functions. You can offer your agile project teams the ideal tool to facilitate closely coordinated and highly efficient collaboration. This in turn enables your company to meet the requirements of your customers and respond to change requests in a flexible manner. At the same time, you can retain your tried-and-tested methods and tools from the traditional project management method in CA PPM (Clarity). Want to learn more about HyPE4PM? We are happy to offer you non-binding advice.

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