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ServiceNow SPM - A powerful ppm solution built on a state of the art digitalization platform

The software manufacturer ServiceNow allows you to optimize the way your central enterprise departments like IT, HR, Services will work.

ServiceNow offers a software platform with configurable standard applications, with the possibility to develop individual applications and the option to combine and connect them with workflows.

And all of it in a cloud infrastructure that leaves nothing to be desired.

To achieve all of this we can be your partner - as certified partner of ServiceNow!

IT Business Management (ITBM)

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

ServiceNow SPM offers a complete enterprise PPM solution and supports management of company-wide project portfolios over the entire life cycle from demand to project results:

Strategic planning with roadmaps

The implementation of an approved strategy or corporate goals is often carried out with the help of many different activities. They are dependent on each other (e.g. because they share common resources) or provide inputs/outputs to other activities (e.g. because the result of project A is required as a basis for starting project B).

With the help of strategic roadmapping in ServiceNow SPM, you can outline all this information quickly and efficiently and communicate the whole plan to relevant stakeholders. The project ideas, ongoing projects etc. can be evaluated at any time during implementation with regard to progress, achieved milestones etc..

Strategic planning with roadmaps

Capture ideas by everyone and qualify them centrally

Employees of a company represent huge potential to provide ideas that can optimize products and workflows or to open up new markets with innovative products and services.

The key to this potential lies in minimizing the barriers to push these ideas to the right people in an organization. It must be possible to submit ideas at any time without requiring a great deal of time.

The web-based idea portal of ServiceNow offers employees a simple and always available way to capture their ideas. Help texts and guided tours support the idea creator and answer all important questions immediately. Documents, sketches, etc. can be included as an attachment. The idea portal thus also forms the central storage for all important information (single point of truth).

Capture ideas by everyone and qualify them centrally

Qualify and evaluate demands systematically

One of the most important tasks in corporate management is to filter out those from the large number of project ideas that help the company to achieve its goals and also to strengthen it on the market in the future. Investments must be well justified. The limited resources such as budgets and specialists must be used where the greatest benefit can be generated.

Views for demands or project requests can be flexibly configured in ServiceNow and can change depending on the severity of a demand. Demand managers, subject matter experts and stakeholders get the information displayed that is important for their work at this point in time.

Depending on the degree of severity, demands can be planned high-level or detailed in terms of deadlines, deliverables, costs, resources, risks, stakeholders and much more. With the help of assessments, evaluations can be obtained from various experts and stakeholders. The answers can be used a basis for the calculation of scores or KPIs, which can be used for prioritization in later stages.

During the qualification and decision-making, collaborative functions are available for exchanging information between all those involved in order to be able to call up the decisions in ServiceNow in a comprehensible and, if necessary, audit-proof manner.

Qualify and evaluate demands systematically

Up to date status at all times, even with extensive project portfolios

Controlling a project and keeping an eye on the status at all times and being able to react if necessary is already a challenge. But it is much more difficult to control an extensive project portfolio in a large organization.

It is important to keep an eye on promised deadlines and delivery items, to have an overview of dependencies and to be able to react quickly to changes. Window of opportunities must be used in the best possible way, e.g. if suddenly more budget is available. If the resource situation changes, e.g. due to fluctuation or a reorganization, the effects on the current projects must be analyzed quickly and adjustment scenarios for the portfolio must be prepared and approved.

Even if no changes are necessary, top management and various stakeholders in the company (e.g. controlling, security, etc.) want to be informed on a regular basis about the current status.

ServiceNow SPM supports portfolio manager with powerful functions in planning, approval, control and reporting of a company-wide project portfolio. Instead of spending most of your time collecting and preparing data, you can focus on the important tasks.

Up to date status at all times, even with extensive project portfolios

Powerful solution for planning and control of classic, hybrid and agile projects

Planning and controling projects is complex and covers many subject areas.
In addition to various methods, classic and agile phases are increasingly being combined in hybrid projects.

ServiceNow offers all the necessary functions for classic, agile and hybrid projects in the area of project planning and controlling.
Especially for hybrid projects, it is possible, for example, to plan a project in the classic way using the waterfall approach and to integrate agile phases.
In addition to work packages and a GANTT, agile teams, backlogs, sprints and kanban boards are also available in this projects.

Integrations with SAP, Jira, MS Teams etc. are available and can be adapted to different use cases.

Lists, filters and edit views can be flexibly configured and are able to adapt to the current project status. In this way, users always receive the information they need for their work in the current status in a clear and simple way.

With workflows, business processes can be implemented and tasks can be flexibly automated.

Powerful solution for planning and control of classic, hybrid and agile projects

Planning and control of project costs at different levels

Project costs are typically planned and controlled at different levels.
In portfolio planning, the top-down planning of total and divisional budgets meets the bottom-up planned costs from the individual projects.

Cost planning in projects can be structured very flexibly in ServiceNow. Planning according to cost types, cost centers, departments, roles, etc. is supported, as well as the calculation of costs based on planned resource efforts in work packages.

Actual costs can be entered manually or automatically imported from third-party systems such as SAP, thus enabling comprehensive reporting.

Combined with the planning of revenues in ServiceNow, the platform enables the calculation of various financial key performance indicators such as ROI, IRR, etc. which in turn are available for prioritization in portfolio planning.

Planning and control of project costs at different levels

Ensure optimal use of resources and being able to react quickly to changes

The shortage of skilled workers is becoming an increasingly decisive factor in project management.
Even if sufficient budget can be made available for the start of projects, it often fails due to unavailable experts.
Effective planning of these bottleneck resources is increasingly becoming a success factor for a project portfolio.

With resource management in ServiceNow, roles or people can already be allocated to project ideas.
During project initiation or iteratively during planning of project phases, roles can be replaced by people or the people already planned can be hardbooked.

Coordination of resource demands between the project and departments/teams is supported by workflows. Necessary information and hints for planning can be exchanged between the persons involved using collaboration functions such as chats and notepad functions.

At an early stage, demand planning can be done with teams instead of roles, or refined with the help of skills.

Extensive reports and dashboards are available at the level of projects, programs, portfolios, departments, etc. in order to keep an eye on the resource situation and to be able to react immediately to emerging bottlenecks.

Ensure optimal use of resources and being able to react quickly to changes

Provide information on all level with one click!

Each PPM solution unfolds its benefits only with a stakeholder specific and flexible reporting.

With the Now Platform as a basis, the Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) module provides all the options of a modern enterprise application. Interactive dashboards that can be consumed via app on a mobile phone or a tablet are just as naturally part of the solution as top management friendly dashboards which can be made available in PDF format.

With one click on a high-level chart, users can view the underlying detail data and thus "drill down" to start data analysis.

With the help of "Performance Analytics" of the Now platform, key figures can be calculated and forecasts can be determined. This enables decision-makers to initiate corrective actions before problems arise.

Provide information on all level with one click!

Configuring workflows and automate tasks - quite easy with ServiceNow!

Workflows are one of the most important elements of a PPM solution. Every company adapts the project life cycle to its needs. In order to increase user-friendliness, it is important to guide users along the process, to inform them about upcoming to-dos and to automate tasks as far as reasonable. In this way, not only does the acceptance and satisfaction of users about the application increase, many examples show that the data quality also improves at the same time.

The possibilities are almost limitless. Key figures can be updated in the background, notifications can be displayed in the interface or sent by email when a predefined condition is met, data can be imported or exported, incoming emails can be processed automatically and their content can be used to create records for risks, issues, to-dos etc. and much more.

Processes can be created in ServiceNow using "Flow Designer", a graphical user interface to create workflows. Actions and data are clicked together using drag & drop in a kind of building block system. After a short time, a power user is able to adapt and create processes himself.

The decisive factor in a solution is not only how easily workflows can be created, but also how they can be integrated into the interface and started by the user. Here, too, ServiceNow offers very simple options that are suitable different situations. Workflows can be started automatically when an event or a data constellation occurs. In this case, the user actively receives a notification. Users can also start processes manually by being offered a button or a link in the respective view.

Configuring workflows and automate tasks - quite easy with ServiceNow!

For the perfect game plan between
service management (ITSM) and
project- and resource management (SPM)

Easier – Better – Faster!

High performance cloud platform

ServiceNow offers a cloud platform with an infrastructure for standard and individual applications with

  • high-performance availabilty
  • data protection and data security
  • low-code and no-code development
  • integration hub for third-party applications
    (i.e. ERP, CRM, DevOps)
  • workflows
  • reporting & analytics
  • AI

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