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Do you currently know whether

  • all projects in your company are planned and controlled in a solid manner regarding costs?
  • a profitability analysis is carried out for each of your projects?
  • all projects fit in with the corporate strategy?
  • project risks are identified and systematically reduced?
  • inquiries from the management can be answered quickly, precisely and above all reliably?

Clarity PPM, the software for corporate project controlling, allows you to answer all of these questions with a firm “yes.”

Systematic Planning

Capture and plan project costs and budgets for projects with the Clarity PPM software in a systematic and structured manner. Freely selectable categories let you differentiate between various types of costs and reconcile actual costs with target costs, resulting in precise project controlling. Planned and actual costs can be flexibly aggregated at the program, portfolio, division, or company level, for example.

Systematic Planning
Portfolio Dashboard – Planning and Controlling Projects and Programs

Portfolio Dashboard – Planning and Controlling Projects and Programs

  • Presentation of planned and actual costs for selectable time periods
  • Tabular and graphical reports with filter functions
  • Quick identification of budget and resource bottlenecks
  • Finding the optimal implementation based on scenarios