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Digitization, IoT, and Industry 4.0 Have Ramped Up Your IT Requirements.

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Boost your IT efficiency and effectiveness as well as satisfaction among your specialist departments.

With solutions you can

  • Systematically capture and evaluate specialist departments’ (and top management’s) requirements
  • Optimally plan budgets and resources
  • Plan with roadmapping
  • Rapidly identify deviations and risks
  • Facilitate a traditional, agile, or combined approach

The following examples demonstrate how you gain IT transparency at the touch of a button:

Prioritize and plan IT requirements

  • Capture all specifications and requirements decentrally within the specialist departments
  • Demand clustering and assessment by an individual or a committee
  • Standardized and workflow-supported demand management models (stage/gate, degree of hardness etc.)
  • Transfer to programs, projects, and releases
  • Real-time reporting for planning, management, and deviation analyses
Prioritize and plan IT requirements
Make the most of your IT resources

Make the most of your IT resources

  • Enjoy a full overview of all resources used in projects at all times
  • Flexibly plan project, maintenance, and special applications by means of time models
  • Zooming from annual to quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning
  • Identify bottlenecks in resources early on
  • Evaluations, KPIs, and trend analyses – precise and flexible with the integrated Report Engine (Jaspersoft)

Successfully implement requirements and initiatives in projects

  • Have a real-time view of all projects at all times with statuses and priorities
  • Free choice in execution: traditional, agile, or combined
  • Satisfied employees thanks to flexible workflows and collaboration functions
  • Fewer errors, no additional work, quicker implementation with improved and faster results at the end of the day
Successfully implement requirements and initiatives in projects