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Focussed on project and portfolio management to one hundred per cent, we deliver state-of-the-art software solutions that empower you to plan and control projects comprehensively from the very beginning and lead them to final success.

Our targeted consulting and implementing proficiency qualifies us as your partner of choice-from evaluation to solution design and license purchase through to implementation, application management, and support.

Your PPM solution will be based either on the high-end CA PPM (Clarity) software or on the online project management software DAPTIV. A CA Technologies Platinum Partner and DAPTIV Premium Partner, we are in close touch with both software vendors to ensure first-hand product expertise.

Rely on our expert know-how, gained in many years of requirements analysis and solution implementation, to optimise your custom PPM processes in a sustainable way.

CA PPM, CA PPM (Clarity), Clarity PPM, and Clarity are synonymous product names and registered trademarks of CA Technologies.

Why opt for project management software?

Project management begins with ideas and ends with concrete, materialized results, for example, in the form of products or buildings. In the process, information is generated, people communicate, resources have to be coordinated, and tasks have to be completed in the right order. Of course, all of this is now no longer feasible without support from software, mobile devices, and a central database.

Using project management software results in projects that are planned better, completed quicker, and that require lower costs.

What are the benefits of modern project management software?

  • Systematic identification and assessment of ideas, initiatives, and requirements
  • Decision making, prioritization, and scheduling of all projects in the company
  • Planning and controlling individual projects
  • Cross-project planning of budgets and resources
  • Increased transparency!
  • Better coordination of employees and resources
  • Consistent and up-to-date data (as data is stored centrally)

CA PPM (Clarity)

CA PPM (Clarity) is a high-end piece of enterprise project management software for use across departments and across the company. Over 1,000 medium-sized and large companies use CA PPM (Clarity) for multi-project management and it is usually installed in-house.

Benefits of CA PPM (Clarity):
  • Broad standard functionality
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Browser-based architecture
  • High adaptability without additional programming
  • Open architecture for integrating third-party systems (such as SAP)
  • Workflow components for process automation
  • Top evaluation of analysts

Where can you use project management software?

  • IT
  • Product development
  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Organization
  • PR and marketing
  • Company programs

What processes are supported?

Modern project management software sustainably optimizes the following processes:
  • Ideas and request management
  • Demand and requirements management
  • Portfolio management
  • Individual and multi-project management
  • Resource management
  • Project budgeting and project controlling
  • Collaboration and document management
  • Portfolio/project reporting
  • PMO (project management office) processes


DAPTIV is a flexible, scalable online project management software solution (in the Software-as-a-Service model). It is ideally suited for teams and departments. Over 500 small and medium-sized companies around the world use DAPTIV for individual and multi-project management.

It offers many benefits:
  • Rapid provisioning: DAPTIV is generally implemented and ready to go in less than one month.
  • Low burden on own IT infrastructure: Set up your PPM system without having to use additional IT resources. It is possible to flexibly adapt the usage fees to the actual number of DAPTIV users.
  • Simple access – anywhere and at any time All you need for DAPTIV is a browser. Simply register and begin managing projects online.
  • Forget about updates and upgrades! DAPTIV is continually further developed and the manufacturer keeps it up-to-date without interrupting availability. As a result, you always have access to the latest functions without having to re-install or configure your solution.

How is a project management
software solution implemented?

Defining engineering
Here you specify your functional and technical requirements for a project management software solution. At this point you should also define what you will need from the supplier and from your implementation partner over the course of implementation and maintenance.
Here, you find out which solutions best meet your requirements. Use demos, test installations and reference visits to check.
Process design/
system configuration
Here, the functional process requirements are mapped onto the system. With CA PPM (Clarity) and DAPTIV, this can usually be done using configuration settings or simply with the default version.
Well-trained employees use software solutions more fully and more efficiently. The software implementation phase can also be an opportunity to optimise processes.
Data transfer/
test run
Master data or historical project data is transferred to the new solution. Interfaces with other systems (e.g., ERP) are set up where necessary. The first projects are run as a test.
Live operations/
operational support
The software solution is rolled out and internal and external employees across various departments and regions are integrated into it (one at a time, where necessary). Your business benefits from increased transparency and reduced costs.

Average project duration for implementing CA PPM (Clarity) an DAPTIV: approx. six to nine months
Your experienced partner from evaluation through to live operations: Contec-X

What is the added value
of Contec-X?

Added value for you:
  • Our expertise in PPM processes and PPM systems
  • You get everything from a single source!
  • Successful, secure implementation
  • You can use the project management software quickly
  • We provide ongoing, long-term support
  • We are fully focused on project management software

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