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Software and Solutions for Enterprises

With our solutions you can optimize and digitize many processes in your company.
We implement our software solutions based on the standard software Clarity PPM or the software platform of ServiceNow.

Your goals and requirements are essential which software we will recommend - we are totally independend from the manufacturer.

As your reliable partner we will think along with you, ask questions and share our entire expertise and experience to build the best software solution for you.

We offer evaluation, planning, and implementation from a single and independent source!



Get the most out of Clarity PPM!

Get the most out of Clarity PPM!

Find out quickly and in detail how you can best use Clarity PPM in your company.

Get an overview of ServiceNow!

Get an overview of ServiceNow!

We will show you the possibilities of the software and workflow platform ServiceNow!

The Best of Both Worlds – for Project management

The Best of Both Worlds – for Project management

Plan and manage agil and hybrid project with Clarity PPM

Why Use Software?

Innovations start with ideas and are - by projects - being put to reality as products or services. Coordinating cooperation and ensuring the flow of information is essential for success. Transparency ensures that the right tasks are performed in the right order. This is only feasible with a central database to which all employees have access. Modern software digitizes processes and increases the satisfaction of employees.

Why standard software?

Standard software - like Clarity PPM or ServiceNow - offer broad standard functionality and are highly configurable. This means you gain a tailor-made solution for your company that will sustainably optimize your processes.

As a result: higher efficiency and effectiveness, increased transparency, improved quality, and – above all – satisfied employees!

Quick and reliable introduction

ServiceNow as well as Clarity PPM are a flexible and mature software. A step-by-step implementation according to your requirements guarantees fast adoption and added value for your company.

Smooth operation

Inhouse, Hosting or SaaS - a stable and robust availablity will always be ensured.
The standard software Clarity PPM is used by more than 1,500 companies worldwide.
The cloud and SaaS platform ServiceNow is used by more than 6,000 companies worldwide.
Software designed for global and failsafe operations.

Improve collaboration among employees

Sophisticated collaboration functions allow employees to collaborate better. Standardized processes and procedures enable employees to speak “a common language.” All data is maintained in a consistent and up-to-date manner.

Be ready for future requirements

Your new and future requirements will be met.
Standard software is undergoing a continuous development both on a technological and a functional level.
All customers and their requirements play an important role for release management and ongoing development of the software.
Therefore also your requirements are well seen and considered by software development of the manufacturers.

The Best!

You decide which functions to use. Everything can but nothing must be used – choose only the ones you really need.

Where can you use our solutions?

  • IT
  • Product development
  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Organization
  • PR and marketing
  • Corporate programs