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Clarity PPM - modern, powerful and easy to use!

A single solution for the entire project portfolio

A single solution for the entire project portfolio

Mit Clarity PPM planen und steuern Sie Vorhaben, Programme, Projekte und Ressourcen, beschleunigen die Durchführung, verbessern sowohl die Zusammenarbeit aller Mitarbeiter:innen als auch die Ergebnisse – und erhalten auch in großen Organisationen endlich die langersehnte Transparenz!

Clarity PPM - Established and in use worldwide

Clarity PPM (Projekt-Portfolio-Management) ist eine moderne und ausgereifte Standardsoftware und bei mehr als 1.500 Unternehmen weltweit im Einsatz. Eine Lösung für alle Rollen im Unternehmen – vom CEO bis zum Projektteammitglied.

Vorhaben genauer planen, Projekte besser umsetzen, Ziele schneller erreichen und das Unternehmen noch erfolgreicher machen – mit Clarity PPM!

Clarity PPM - Established and in use worldwide
From demand to result with Clarity PPM!

From demand to result with Clarity PPM!

With Clarity PPM, all demands (ideas, projects, initiatives, etc.) can be planned, systematically evaluated and planned into a portfolio. Implementation takes place via projects and with the available resources.

All processes can optionally be (partially) automated with workflows. And collaboration functionalities are available across all processes for better cooperation.

The result: better results, more transparency and greater satisfaction - for everyone!

Easy configuration and integration!

Clarity PPM can be easily configured, adapted and integrated – without programming and upgrade compatible.

  • Value lists
  • additional fields
  • screens: reducing, extending or new ones
  • workflows
  • custom colors
  • and many more ...

This is how we realise a best-fitted project management software solution for your enterprise!

Easy configuration and integration!

Clarity PPM can be used for multiple purposes - and always fitted to the processes in your enterprise.

Project lifecycle management

From demand through to deliverables. Get a 360-degree view of all tasks and projects. To achieve results on time and on budget.

Hybrid and agile work

Offer your teams the opportunity to utilize their method of choice. Setup projects in example in the traditional (waterfall) way and perform phases or subprojects agile. All in one system: consistent data and high employee satisfaction.

Individual and multi-project management

Gain visibility into all projects, dependencies, and resource allocation. This overview greatly facilitates portfolio planning and roadmapping.


Control, prioritize, and plan the requirements of the specialist departments in one software solution. Collaboration functionalities will increase satisfaction with the IT and in the departments.

Product development

Reduce development times and thus accelerate the time to market of your products. Plan and control your product development either based on a traditional or agile approach.

Corporate planning

Plan and control the initiatives, plans, and future-oriented programs of your company – and finally bring transparency to all business processes!

Demand management

From demand to the project – evaluate and prioritize demands using standardized workflows. The collaboration functions support collaboration between IT and the specialist department.

Innovation management

Secure the future of your company with systematic innovation management. Collect ideas, evaluate them, and successfully implement the top choices!

Our most popular PPM+ extensions

SAP Interfaces

Our SAP interfaces enable the connection of the FI, CO, HR, PS and other modules. They are widely used, tried-and-tested, and can be quickly adapted to your individual SAP system.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

SSO for access to Clarity PPM without new user authentication – a must in every company.


A large collection of tried-and-tested reports that can be quickly adapted to your company reporting system.

Dynamic Rights

Brings time-related and organizational flexibility to access rights management in Clarity PPM. Dynamic Rights allows you to assign access rights on a rule-based or time-controlled basis. Examples include holiday substitution, approval models, temporary transfers, etc.

Risk Heat Map

There are risks associated with any project. The important thing is to identify these risks and monitor them. A graphical representation is better suited to obtaining a clear overview of the risks and their development than a report.

Smart Help

Provide colleagues and employees who don’t use Clarity PPM every day with valuable assistance in populating fields with the right content.

Idea Canvas

The “idea canvas” helps you and your employees develop and present ideas. All important aspects of the idea are minutely captured using eleven elements. In addition, stored workflows ensure standardized processing.

Graphic Stage/Gate Models

Our component for the graphical and dynamic representation of the stage/gate model that captures all deliverables. View the project status at a glance and identify any missing deliverables. An essential tool for efficient work.

PPM+ is so much more

The PPM+ collection of Contec-X includes many other components as well: additional functionalities, templates, reports, best practices making your daily work easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can Clarity PPM be used?

Clarity PPM can be used in all innovative, service- or project-oriented business areas. The main areas of application are IT, product development, R&D, order and service management in various sectors such as trade, industry, banks, insurance companies, service providers, high-tech companies, logistics, utilities, and others. We are happy to advise you on whether the use of Clarity PPM is viable for your company.

How many Clarity PPM customers are there?

According to the manufacturer, there are over 1,500 customers and more than 500,000 users worldwide. Clarity PPM scales to the needs of companies of any size.

On which platforms can Clarity PPM be operated?

Clarity PPM runs on many popular platforms. The possible platforms are described in the latest release notes (compatibilities).

Is there a Clarity PPM trial version?

Contec-X offers free access to a “shared” test system (Clarity Sandbox) or alternatively fee-based access to a dedicated evaluation environment (Clarity-on-Demand). The access data will be made available within 24 hours upon request. We offer and recommend a non-binding evaluation interview before engaging in testing. As a result, you will receive an assessment from us as to whether it makes sense for you to employ Clarity PPM based on your requirements.

What licensing models are available for Clarity PPM?

Clarity PPM can be used in-house, as a hosted version, or as SaaS (Software as a Service) and is licensed for active (login-enabled) users on the basis of annual usage fees. We are happy to prepare an attractive offer for you on request.

Where can I get Clarity PPM licenses?

You can obtain Clarity PPM from us. Contec-X offers everything for your solution from a single source: licenses, support, and services.

Who provides support and maintenance for Clarity PPM?

Contec-X offers comprehensive support and various customized support packages for Clarity PPM. The PDS (Partner Delivered Support) certification of Contec-X guarantees top product competence and ITIL-compliant support services.

What training options are available for Clarity PPM?

There are many ways to familiarize your employees with Clarity PPM: manuals, videos, webinars, workshops, one-on-one training, and group training. In addition, there are role-specific training opportunities and training courses for system administrators. End user training for company-specific processes is available on request.

What advantages does Contec-X offer?

Contec-X is the only Clarity PPM partner that has focused 100 percent on Clarity PPM solutions for many years. Our customers benefit from our extensive Clarity PPM experience, add-ins, best practices, and tools. This dedicated focus on Clarity PPM means that we are able to implement solutions based on Clarity PPM both rapidly and at low cost.

Who can provide comprehensive, in-depth advice about Clarity PPM?

That’s us. We, your dedicated all-round partner for Clarity PPM, are happy to provide non-binding advice. Get in touch via telephone or write a brief e-mail.

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