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Competence and expertise - use Clarity PPM and ServiceNow quickly and optimally!

Even the best software in not yet a solution - but a good foundation!
Dependend on your requriements the software can be either Clarity PPM or ServiceNow SPM.

Based on that foundation we will build your solution - with competence, experience and best-practices.

Our employees are highly dedicated and qualified. They are reliable experts who put a lot of thought into any project, ask the right questions, and bring all their expertise and experience to bear in developing your PPM software solution. This ensures that your final solution is perfectly tailored to your company processes, allowing you to use it productively without delay.

That’s why we provide consulting, conception and implementation from a single source!

Sound Evaluation – Rapid Implementation – Successful Usage!

You may be facing the challenge of finding the right software for your business. Together with your employees, we will evaluate whether and how our software solutions are best suited for your company. This evaluation can include workshops, proofs of concept, fit/gap analyses or prototyping – combinded with our competence and experience. The result is a robust and solid evaluation of your requirements with our solutions based on Clarity PPM or ServiceNow.

Software alone does not constitute a solution. The next steps are all about mapping processes, configuring software, training employees, and preparing the go-live of the software solution. Together with the input from your employees, we will implement a solution tailor-made to your requirements.


Our support for Clarity PPM and ServiceNow


This support package covers downloads for all updates and upgrades as well as an unlimited number of support cases. The scope of service for support covers the entire standard functionality of Clarity PPM and ServiceNow SPM.

Updates & Upgrades Only

We offer this cost-effective support package once your employees are completely familiar with Clarity PPM or ServiceNow SPM and no longer require online or telephone support. You will be able to take charge of updating Clarity PPM or ServiceNow SPM according to your requirements once you have access to the download area. There, you will be able to obtain service packs, updates and new releases, as well the appropriate manufacturer documentation.

Support 10

The Support 10 package contains downloads for all updates and upgrades and up to 10 support cases per year.

Support 20

The Support 20 package contains downloads for all updates and upgrades and up to 20 support cases per year.

Extended/Configuration Support

This all-inclusive package covers all Clarity PPM or ServiceNow SPM support cases including all support cases for modifications, reports, interfaces, and integration with third-party systems. Furthermore, we provide support according to your needs.

On-Demand Support

You can make use of our support service as and when you need it. The services rendered are invoiced according to expenses and based on an hourly rate. This package is particularly suitable if you have already attained a high level of independence and expect a very low number of support cases to occur.