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360-degree view for strategic budget planning and project management

Lufthansa Group is a globally operating airline concern that consists of three divisions: Network Airlines, Eurowings, and Aviation Services. One of its main goals is to expand its position as the leading European airline group through strategic portfolio and project planning that extends across the entire Lufthansa Group.

Facts & figures

  • Purchase of Clarity PPM Enterprise License: 2018
  • Clarity PPM currently keeps track of 500 projects and approx. 1,600 ideas
  • Active users within the Group: approx. 2,000
  • Currencies: USD, EUR, CHF
  • Approx. 130,000 employees
  • The airlines form the core of Lufthansa Group
  • Approx. 35 billion euros in annual sales (FY 2018)

Since a newly established department within Corporate Controlling is responsible for tracking the portfolio of projects within all of Lufthansa Group. It can consolidate all the data needed to plan the Group's operations and control the projects across the various business units (BUs).

The 360-degree view across all projects and ideas simplifies the strategic allocation of budgets between the various business units and ensures project synergies and total cost control.

Request the complete Lufthansa Group success story. It tells you how the Lufthansa Group manages its successful projects across the entire group and what benefits not only controlling sees.