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Our Software Solutions Helps You Implement Your Digitization Plans

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You gain a comprehensive overview of the roadmap as well as of the entire planning and implementation of your digital products and services.

With our solutions you can

  • Identify the digital potential in your company
  • Systematically capture ideas and innovations
  • Define digital projects and services
  • Visualize the implementation in a transparent roadmap
  • Make the digital products and services available quickly

The following examples demonstrate how you can plan and control corporate digitization.

Idea and Innovation Management

  • Systematically collect ideas for digitization
  • Evaluate, cluster, and prioritize these ideas
  • Continuously enrich data with additional information
  • Flexible phase models such as stage/gate or degrees of hardness
  • Evaluations and KPIs
Idea and Innovation Management
Define Digital Products and Services

Define Digital Products and Services

  • Capture requirements and properties in a hierarchically structured manner.
  • Assign them to planned digital products or services
  • Clear representation in Kanban boards
  • Define and assign development processes (stage/gate)
  • Use collaboration features such as chats, to-do lists, tagging, and more.

Digitization Roadmap

  • Overview of all planned initiatives and projects
    • What is the current status of these projects?
    • Where is there an urgent need for action?
    • What are the risks?
  • Understanding and analyzing dependencies
    • Which projects are dependent on other projects?
    • Which projects are critical – and what will happen if they get delayed?
  • Define milestones and forecast completion
  • Access all details via drill-down functions
Digitization Roadmap