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One Solution for All – CEOs and Program/Portfolio Managers Through to Individual Project Managers and Employees

Gain long-awaited transparency over your initiatives, plans, and future-oriented programs.

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With our solotions you can

  • Capture all your plans for your company and present them in a consolidated roadmap.
  • Successively supplement data and details such as time and cost plans.
  • Automatically identify deviations and risks.
  • View planning, completion forecasts, and target achievement data in real time.

The following examples demonstrate how you can achieve your goals to gain transparency, empowering you to better manage your company’s future.

Overview with Roadmapping

  • Visual presentation of the projects, including time schedules and KPIs
  • Ideal as a discussion and communication tool for meetings
  • Illustration of dependencies and goal achievement scenarios
  • All details via drill-down functionality
Overview with Roadmapping
Portfolio Dashboard – Planning and Controlling Projects and Programs

Portfolio Dashboard – Planning and Controlling Projects and Programs

  • Presentation of planned and actual costs for selectable time periods
  • Tabular and graphical reports with filter functions
  • Quick identification of budget and resource bottlenecks
  • Finding the optimal implementation based on scenarios

Investment and Target Analysis

  • Assign investments to corporate goals
  • Allocate costs according to company goals
  • Identify investment priorities
  • Deviations from the plan and forecast target achievement of the individual investments
Investment and Target Analysis
Trends, Deviations, and KPIs – With Flexible Ad-hoc Reporting

Trends, Deviations, and KPIs – With Flexible Ad-hoc Reporting

  • Most importantly: consistent and plausibility checked data in a central database
  • Standardized, customized, and ad-hoc reports with integrated report engine (Jaspersoft)
  • Tabular, graphical, KPIs, trend analysis – ad-hoc and as needed
  • Automatic report generation (e.g., at the end of the month) and distribution (e.g., via e-mail) or central filing (as PDF)