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Demand Management for IT and business departments made easy - with Clarity PPM!

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With our software solutions you can:

  • systematically (let) capture all demands
  • evaluate and assess the implementation possibilities
  • automate approval processes with workflows
  • kick-start the implementation and monitor progress

Finally you will achieve satisfaction for business departments, IT users and management!

The following examples will show you how our solutions can facilitate demand management for you and the entire company.

Capture all demands for evaluation and planning

  • Decentralized collection of the demands for IT, organization, processes, infrastructure and others
  • Evaluation of implementation possibilities, e.g. with regard to feasibility, budget, resources, effort, duration, dependencies or risks  
  • Support and automate demand processes with workflows
  • Keep data consistent and plausible - avoid double entries
  • Display the status of the demands transparently and in real-time.
Capture all demands for evaluation and planning
Better Collaboration Leads to Better Results

Better Collaboration Leads to Better Results

  • Collecting all demands systematically and in one system leads to more transparency for all participants
  • Check lists, KPIs and workflows ensure uniform processes and evaluations
  • Agile methods promote cooperation and increase employee satisfaction
  • Real-time reporting and dynamic status calculations reduce risks and delays
  • Finally: Faster and better results!

Making Work Easier with Workflows

  • Creating, evaluating and approving demands can be simplified with workflows

  • Standardized but flexible workflows control and automate the processes

  • Advantage: All requests are processed systematically and comprehensible

The result: standardized processes, clear responsibilities, shorter throughput times - better and faster implementation!

Making Work Easier with Workflows