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Project Portfolio Management & Roadmapping – 360-Degree View of all Projects

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With our software solutions you can:

  • easily carry out annual planning including budgeting.
  • consistently store all relevant data in a central location.
  • make optimal use of budgets and resources – and use scenarios to compare different variants.
  • identify bottlenecks and risks and take timely countermeasures.
  • consistently keep track of progress in real time.

The following examples show you how ou software solutions allows you to gain a high-level view of your resources.

Portfolio management of all investments

With Clarity PPM you can create portfolios for applications, assets, ideas, and initiatives in addition to project portfolios. This facilitates optimal planning of all investments (e.g. IT investments) and thus maximizes the return on budgets and resources.

Automating portfolio formation based on rules

You can define a set of freely selectable criteria and rules for each portfolio in the Clarity PPM software. All projects that meet these criteria and rules will automatically be added to the portfolio.

Identify bottlenecks and key resources at a glance

Project portfolio management with Clarity PPM allows you to immediately identify which resources or organizational units will be overburdened at a specific time. The drill-down functionality makes it easy to identify key roles or employees.

Find the optimal project portfolio based on scenarios

What if Project A was postponed for six months? When will project B be completed if we make external resources available? Which projects will be cancelled if we change the corporate strategy? All these questions – and more – can be mapped in project portfolio management scenarios for easy comparison. The objective is always to determine the best action plan. This is a complex task that requires collaborative work which cannot and should not be fully automated. Humans remain important decision-makers in this process.

Roadmap: The “big picture” of your projects

In addition to project portfolio management, the Clarity PPM software also offers the option of defining multi-year roadmaps. View all important projects on the timeline together with milestones and budget figures – at a glance. And most important: 'In sync' with the corporate strategy!

The Goal: Maximized Added Value for the Company

Do the right thing: Focus on important and feasible projects, determine the ideal timing, and utilize employees and budgets in the most effective manner. These are the goals and tasks of project portfolio management.

Clarity PPM software: systematic project portfolio management made easy!

The Goal: Maximized Added Value for the Company