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The PMO's Goal: Carry Out Programs and Projects Successfully, Professionally, and Efficiently

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You will achieve this with our solutions for high-end project and portfolio management – individually adapted to the requirements of your company.

With our software solution you can

  • ensure uniform program and project methods and procedures using blueprints.
  • flexibly optimize standardized workflow processes.
  • provide the project teams with a solid collaboration platform using the solution’s collaboration features.
  • facilitate the daily work of project managers and resource managers.

The following examples illustrate how our software solutions facilitates the PMO’s daily project work.

Overview of all Projects

Clarity PPM offers you all the functions you need to stay on top of all information - if needed with all the details:

  • Interactive dashboards and reports that show all project data in real time
  • Milestone trend analyses, earned value analyses, or status reports – all at the push of a button
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for all or selected projects
  • Identify project risks, cross-project dependencies, or delays – to name just a few examples.
Overview of all Projects
Good Resource Management - to Keep Your Employees Satisfied

Good Resource Management - to Keep Your Employees Satisfied

  • Role-based resource management - optional with skill management and individual calendar
  • Zoomable demand planning – yearly, monthly, or daily
  • Identify overloaded resources and bottlenecks.
  • Comprehensive collaboration functions such as document management, to-do lists, notifications, chats, watch function, tagging, and much more.
  • A simple and intuitive user interface  - ensures that user training is easy and the tool is fun to use.

Optimize and Harmonize Processes with Flexible Workflows

  • Manual or event-driven automatic starting of workflows
  • Workflow variants depending on individual data such as project size, delay, or risk category
  • Dynamic access permissions and proxy rules speed up process cycles.
  • Integration of decision options for individuals or committees
Optimize and Harmonize Processes with Flexible Workflows