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Good Resource Management Poses a Major Challenge

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...and it is hardly feasible without an integrated software solution.
With our software solutions you will master this challenge!

With our solution you can

  • show project resource requirements automatically and in an early stage.
  • compare them with the available capacities
  • avoid bottlenecks and overloadings
  • React quickly to changes (e.g. postponements in the project, cases of illness) or new priorities
  • Achieve optimal utilization of all employees
  • Ultimately: ensure employee satisfaction!

The following examples illustrate how our solutions can support you in your daily work as a resource manager:

Role-Based Planning

  • Project managers define the required roles, the time frame and the effort required
  • You receive the demand automatically
  • If desired per project, per role or organisational unit
  • Optional: with skills, competencies and interests
  • The final goal: to identify needs early on and avoid bottlenecks!
Role-Based Planning
Identify and allocate the suitable resources.

Identify and allocate the suitable resources.

  • made easy with drag and drop
  • have always an overview of available and suitable resources
  • "Zoom" function for time-scaled details
  • React quickly to changes and shifts in the projects
  • Holidays, vacations, part-time work, etc. are automatically taken into account
  • Important: everything with a few mouse clicks!

More satisfaction with better collaboration

  • Everything integrated for project work: chats, to-dos, notifications, documents, and much more
  • automated visualization of the work progress
  • early detection of risks or missed deadlines
  • optional: automated rotines by workflows and alert functions
  • the result: the right tool - and therefore satisfied employees!
More satisfaction with better collaboration